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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simply Wool is Simply Wonderful

     I'm falling woefully behind in keeping this blog updated. I'm going to blame it on Summer... I seem to spend more time relaxing and letting lots of things slide. The pace is much slower  due to the heat and humidity... a gal and her Corgis just have to take life a little bit slower. 
     I put the final stitches into Not Forgotten Sampler. This sampler was a joy to stitch. If you haven't tried the Simply Wool by Gentle Arts I think you should. You'll have to use a lower count linen, either 28 or 32 ct. The wool fiber is too thick for the higher count linens. You only use a single strand... so not a whole lot of fussing around with trying to get two strands of fiber to lay nicely.
     Emma and Owen were thrilled that you enjoyed a stroll with them in the Prairie. For those of you who asked, they do stay pretty much to the mowed paths. The plants grow very thickly and it's not easy for a stumpy legged dog to break through. They did flush a deer that was resting along the river bank the other day. The deer finally wised up and veered off the path and into the vegetation. Emma and Owen lost interest and came back along the path looking for me. Good dogs! Lately they've been more interested in chilling out in the a/c.

     I've been chilling out in the a/c too. I've been participating in a very casual SAL with two stitching friends, Sandy and Tanya. We're working on The Country Life Sampler by The Scarlet Letter. 
 Country Life Sampler
The Scarlet Letter
40 ct. Lakeside Vintage Lentil
Belle Soie, Gloriana, NPI, DMC

 This is a truer representation of the linen color.
     That's all for today. My stitching chair is calling my name and it's time to put a few more stitches into CL. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I always enjoy reading your comments. Wishing you lots of stitching or quilting time or just time to relax and enjoy the summer.