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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A January Sunday Challenge Detour

      OK... I have a confession to make... I'm not very good at sticking to stitching plans. It probably comes from my desire for my stitching to be fun rather than another chore. I know I was supposed to start my Fourth January Sunday Challenge last Sunday, but I didn't. Instead I stitched this lovely, sweet, small sampler that was included in the Blackbird Designs Winter Loose Feathers chart. I will probably finish this piece as a small cupboard pillow stuffed with either vanilla bean mulch or wool roving with lavender buds.
  Selura Simon
Blackbird Designs
40 ct. Lakeside Examplar
Hand-Dyed Cottons
      I did start a new project for the Challenge... just not on Sunday... it was more of a Tuesday start. This was the second time I started Sampler Stocking. My first start was shortly after the chart was released back in 2004. It was my first attempt at stitching on 40 ct. linen and I chose a piece of linen that was very tightly woven. I hated the linen, the project got put aside and when I realized I was never going to finish that stocking I finished off part of the design as a cupboard pillow.
I thought it was time to give Sampler Stocking another go. I chose my linen more wisely this time around. 
 Sampler Stocking
Carriage House Samplings
40 ct. Lakeside Lentil
Needlepoint Inc Silks

      I have fallen in love with alphabets done in eyelet stitch. I had a wonderful time stitching the alphabet on Sampler Stocking. I can't believe I was once intimidated by stitching eyelet alphabets... I love planning a stitching route to complete each letter without crossing over the center hole of the eyelet.
      The postman brought me a lovely package from Faye this week. I was the lucky winner of one of Faye's beautiful pouches. I decided to store my tapestry needles in the pouch. It's so much nicer than storing them in a plastic zip-lock baggie. Thank you Faye.
      I hope you'll stop by next week to see what I chose to start for my final January Sunday Challenge project. I'll also be chatting about my plans for February stitching and the rest of 2012... and perhaps what's in the works for 2013. 
      Enjoy your week!

I am grateful for handmade gifts.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Annie and a Snow Day

      We got our first major snowfall of 2012 last Friday and the pups and I made the most of it. Of course... I made them trudge through the deep stuff to make a path for me to walk.
 I had two very worn out pups by the time we got back to the house.
      Two more stitchers have joined Katrina and me for the January Sunday Challenge. Check out Kim's and Elizabeth's blogs to see what they've chosen for their Sunday starts.
      I know you can hardly wait to see what I started for the third Sunday of January project. Here she is in all her glory.
Ann Smith 1767
The Scarlet Letter
36 ct Lakeside Light Examplar
       My friend Margaret stitched Annie last year and I fell in love with her the minute I laid eyes on her. I always blame Margaret for getting me into trouble with my needlework budget... everything she stitches I want to stitch. She's such a bad influence on me. Thanks Margaret! :-) LOL
      One of my giveaway prizes arrived in the mail this past week. It's Minick and Simpson's latest quilt book, Victory Girls.  It's a wonderful book that includes patriotic quilt patterns and rug hook patterns in honor of all the "brave women who kept the home fires burning during WW II."  Check out this book the next time you're in your local quilt shop.
       We all love our pets... but are there parts of your pets that you find irresistible?
The spotlight seems to fall on my Emma more often than my sweet boy Owen. But that's probably because Owen gets the most unpleasant look on his face when he sees me with the camera in my hands. 
      I wanted to share one of Owen's parts with you today... his whiskers. Owen has black whiskers on the right side and white on the left. I find his whiskers irresistible.

I am grateful for snow days with my pups.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Second January Sunday Challenge Project

      Such an original title for my post! LOL My day started off so beautifully when I discovered I was the winner of two blog giveaways... it can't think of a better beginning to my Sunday. More details and pics in my next blog update.
      The sun is shining and the pups and I had a nice long walk this morning. It felt balmy with temps in the lower 20s. Winter arrived in northeast Iowa with a vengeance this past Wednesday night. We had a combination of snow, sleet, very gusty winds and temps dipping down into the negative numbers. Our beautiful prairie is covered in snow and the pups and I will have to be content to walk on shoveled sidewalks and plowed streets from the remainder of the winter. We've been so fortunate this year to delay snow cover until mid January... our winter snows have begun in November the past few years.
      First, I wanted to share a snap of a lovely gift I received from my friend Nicola in Cornwall. I was the first person to leave a comment on her new blog. If you haven't visited Nicola's blog, Stitching by a Cornish Sea Shoreyou must go right now and see her beautiful stitching,absolutely gorgeous photos of Cornwall and the beautiful cove on Lizard Peninsula, and her Boxer pups, Blue and Poppy. I feel like I'm taking a mini vacation every time I visit Nicola's blog.
 Nicola knows how much the prairie means to me and the pups and  she could not have sent me a more perfect chartpak. Look at all those lovely trims, floss and fabric. Thank you my friend... your gift is very much appreciated and your new blog a pure joy.
      Despite the snow, wonderful gifts in the mail and pup walks I was still able to find time to select and start my second January Sunday Challenge project. Without further fanfare or delay.... here is my start on Frederick.

Carriage House Samplings
40 ct Lakeside Pearled Barley
Needlepoint Inc silks
I wanted to pick a smaller project for my second start... I'm always drawn to the large repro samplers. I'm not sure I've really given myself a break though as I can't just stitch Frederick. He'd be too lonely without his mate Frederika. I don't know if I'll even get to start Frederika in 2012, but if not she's sure to make it on the list of 2013 projects.
       I'm looking forward to catching bits and pieces of the Australian Open the next couple of weeks. Most of the live action will be taking place during the hours I'm asleep... but I hope to catch some of my favorite tennis players in action.
       Be sure to check back next week to see what I found in my stitching closet and chose for my third January Sunday Challenge project.

I am grateful for the sunshine and blue skies on our Sunday morning walk.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Laurie's January Challenge

       I knew I wanted to celebrate the New Year with a new project to be started on New Year's Day. But... I didn't think that was a 'big' enough way to celebrate the New Year. So... I've decided to begin a new project every Sunday in the month of January. I impressed one other stitcher with my January Challenge. My friend Katrina,  The Needle's Promise, will also be participating in the Challenge.
      Here's a couple of snaps of Rebecca Cullin which I started on January 1st.
Rebecca Cullin 1801
The Scarlet Letter
40 ct. Lakeside Examplar
      The added bonus of starting a new project each Sunday in the month of January is that I will also be doing a weekly blog update. I hope you'll check back next week to see what I chose to start on the second Sunday of the month.

      Emma enjoyed her New Year's Eve celebration a bit too much....
      I'm grateful for the love and companionship I receive daily from Emma and Owen.