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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sarah Gentle

      I'd like you to meet Sarah Gentle. The minute I saw this A&E sampler in The Attic's newsletter I knew that I wanted to stitch it.... immediately. So while I haven't been blogging since the end of March, I have been stitching and enjoying every minute in my stitching chair.
 Sarah Gentle - 1821
Samplers Remembered
Lakeside 40 ct. Vintage Buttercream
Belle Soie and AVAS as charted

      I'd also like to share more photos of a few of my sampler walls in my home. First up is the entire wall that I face when sitting in my stitching nook. Pinned to my quilt on the rack is my one and only felted wool project. Perfect for Spring.

     Here's a photo of my Adam & Eve collection.

I love Tombstone Angel designs and the collection is on one of my bedroom walls.

     The last photo is of Frances Eden and some of my vintage Fiestaware.
      I'm currently redoing the sampler walls in my living room and sewing room. I'll share those photos with you as soon as I've decided which samplers will be hanging on which walls. I'm having a hard time deciding.
      I noticed that the my Pasque Flower was in bloom and wanted to share with you.

I am grateful for canned pumpkin.