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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Needlework Smalls, Farewell to a Tree, A Giveaway and Charts for Sale

      It all started as a suggestion by a friend to devote Sundays to stitching needlework smalls. I had a growing collection of charts that I wanted to stitch, yet when it came time to pick a new project I was always going for the large reproduction samplers and once again the 'smalls' where pushed to the bottom of the pile. 
      All it took was one Sunday Smalls day and I was hooked. In fact I was so hooked that Sunday Smalls turned into a few weeks of stitching from my 'smalls' stash of charts.
      Here's the results:

 Pineberry Lane
Fancey Blackett - The Harvest Dance

 Pineberry Lane
Fancey's Sunflowers - Hanging Pocket

 The Primitive Hare
Town of Halloween
JCS Special Halloween Collector's Issue
40 ct. Lakeside Vintage Examplar
Crescent Colours Blackbird & GAST Dried Thyme
 Plum Street Samplers
40 ct. Lakeside Sand Dune
GAST and Crescent Colours
Pineberry Lane
Wool Pinkeeps
 The stitching, which is the easy part, has been completed... but when these designs will be truly finish finished is anyone's guess.

I've been spending some time reorganizing my stash and came across a project that was purchased several years ago, tucked away and forgotton. I'm not sure this would qualify as a 'needlework small' but I went ahead and finished  a portion of the project.
 Primitive Traditions
PA German Sewing Box
40 ct. Elegant Bean
Belle Soie and NPI silks
Box Lid

 This design is for the top of the box. The inside walls and bottom of the box will also be covered with stitched designs. 
      I had to bid farewell to my beautiful 150+ year old white pine tree that shaded the west side of Corgi Cottage. The tree was developing a large crack and the town arborist noted decay and advised the tree had to be removed. My white pine is sorely missed.

I was the lucky winner of Barbara's 1thread giveaway' Look at all the wonderful things she sent me. Thank you Barbara!
      I have way too much stash. I created a second page to my blog. Look up under the header. It's the second tab, Charts for Sale, and you just have to click on the tab and it will take you to the listing of gently used and brand new charts. I hope I've listed something that you've been wanting to add to your stash.

Until next time....