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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome Autumn

     I hope you all had a wonderful Summer. We had a very hot and dry Summer and we are welcoming the cooler temperatures of Autumn and the rain it has brought along with those cooler temperatures.

     I wasn't idle and made good use of my time indoors, with the air conditioner on and a cold beverage near at hand. I brought out an old friend, Emma Miles, and worked on her until the start of the Olympics. Emma was my Christmas Eve Day 2011 start and this is as far as I got on her when she was put aside.

 Emma Miles 1848
The Scarlet Letter
40 ct. Lakeside Light Examplar
AVAS silk
Here's Emma now:

 It was the holly band that drew me to this sampler. I have to fill in all the flowers in the border with satin stitch, stitch the over one verse and stitch another over one Adam and Eve. I've put Emma away for now and will get her out again closer to the Christmas holiday.
     I enjoyed watching almost every moment of the Summer Olympics in London. I wanted to start a new sampler during the Opening Ceremonies, but knew I wouldn't have the sampler completed by the Closing Ceremonies. I did get it completed during the US Open Tennis tournament though. I chose K&V's Jacob's Ladder. The birds are what drew me to this beautiful sampler. My photography skills don't do the sampler justice.

 Kunst & Vliegwerk
Jacob's Ladder
Lakeside 36 ct. Vintage Buttercream
NPI and AVAS silks


     I splurged on a couple of needlework accessories this Summer. The oval divided carrier is from the Suffolk Shaker Shop,

        I've been a fan of Lori Ann Corelis, The Spotted Hare, for a long time. I was finally able to purchase one of her pincushions. This little bunny on her super sized carrot is just adorable. Don't you agree?
     Due to the heat and humidity this past Summer, Emma and Owen spent most of their time doing this:
 It's the best position for cooling a hot belly.
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