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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quilts, Framed Samplers and Signs of Spring

      I love to hear the phone ring when it's my long-arm quilter or my  framer on the line. I've got lots of snaps to share with you today.
      First up is my Cheddar and Poison Green Stars quilt... notice who just happened to be included in the snap! I really enjoyed  collecting the fat quarters of the cheddar and poison green fabrics on my various quilt shop hops. It was quilted on the long-arm by Pat Butikofer. She used a pantograph of a wonderful leave design.

      Carolyn Clark did a fabulous job of free-motion quilting on the Heritage Birds quilt. She stitched the Baptist Fan design on the pieced blocks, a large feather design on the bird stripes and a smaller feather design on the borders of the pieced blocks. That woman can sure stitch a fabulous feather! This quilt is currently taking pride of place on my bed.
       I can never praise Anja  enough for the fabulous job she does in framing my stitched samplers. The woman has the patience of a saint and we carefully pick the perfect frame for each sampler.  Here's a close-up of The Evil Serpent's frame.
      Margaret Pence, Mary Corey and Sarah Seifer framed. I now have six framed samplers for my A&E Wall.
Life is Good!
Tree of Life - Close-up
      I'll leave you today with some snaps of Signs of Spring around Corgi Cottage. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Really Bad Case of 'Startitis'

      First things first... my 'Kids' are Stars of the Day on The Daily Corgi. I am one proud Mom! When I look at my wee beasties now, it's hard to remember how small and defenseless they once were.
      If you were expecting a progress snap of AAWFAA, I'm sorry to disappoint. After finishing Emma's The Queen's Crowns sampler I came down with a severe case of 'Startitis'. Here's what I've been up to since last I posted.
 Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow
Carriage House Samplings
40 ct. Zweigart Sand linen w/NPI
 Alphabet Piddlings
Little by Little
35ct Milkweed by Examplars from the Heart
Crescent Colours
      I plan on stitching all the Piddlings on one piece of linen. I may have to get creative as the sampler progresses as I don't know what the stitch count will be on the future letters of the alphabet. I left plenty of border just in case I want to get fancy and stitch a decorative border. 
Hannah Lovina Joslin - 1836
Blackbird Designs - Honeysuckle Manor
36 ct. BOAF Sandpiper 
GAST, WDW and Crescent Colours 
      I also worked on some quilt blocks. Here's a snap of the latest block from the French General BOM.
       I also stitched up eight more blocks for My Favorite Things BOM.

      I thought I still had some free time to spare and went ahead and joined the Jo Morton - Little Women's Club #9 being held at my very local quilt shop right here in Decorah.
      Here's my progress on the first mini quilt of Club #9, Daffodil Hill. I chose a different colorway, so my Hill has multi-colored flowers blooming.
      I haven't made a final decision on the fabrics to use for the border, but I'm sure these two fabrics will be included. I'll post another snap when I've completed the quilt top.
      I wanted to share a snap of a marvelous Jo Morton quilt that another member of the Club completed in the last session. Elaine is holding up her gorgeous Holiday Inn. 
       I want to say Thank You to Cari and Melissa for honoring me with the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Here are the rules that come with the award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Paste the award on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 blogs and post links.

I've managed to accomplish the first three rules... but, being the rebel that I am, I will ignore Rule #4 and #5. I'm just not that interesting dear readers! 
I also can't single out just seven other blogs to award this honor. I would want to award each and every blog I read. My interests are varied and I love reading blogs on all forms of needlework, rug hooking, woodworking, books, quilting and the list goes on... you just have to glance to the right and see my blog list.
      If you, my dear reader, have reached this point in my blog post... you too deserve an award!
      I also want to say Thank You again to Cari in VA. I was the winner of Cari's blog, Serene Stitches, giveway. I now have my lovely chart, Blackbird Designs - Snow Garden,  in my hot little stitching hands. I can't believe i haven't started this one yet!

       Owen wanted to make sure I remembered to thank every one of you who were concerned about the lack of a sampler or quilt in honor of my sweet little man. He wanted me to reassure you that he is happiest when the two 'women' in his life are happy. He doesn't need a quilt or a sampler to know that he is a cherished and loved member of Corgi Cottage. He knows that he is 'Man of the Hour' because I sing the Nora Jones' song to him often.

...So I chose you...Because you're sweet... And you give me lots of lovin'... And you eat meat...And that's how you became... My only man of the hour... You never lie... And you don't cheat.... And you don't have any baggage tied... To your four feet... Do I deserve... To be the one... Who will feed you breakfast, lunch, dinner... And take you to the park at dawn?... Will you really be... My only man of the hour?......
      Wishing you a week filled with stitching, quilting, good books and lots of sunshine.      

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom Loves Me Best

Emma likes to sit in my lap while I'm browsing blogs. She could barely contain herself when she saw this snap on Plum Street Samplers blog.
The Queen's Crowns
             Emma reminded me that she never received her crown, that she had requested from Santa, for Christmas.
      She wasn't so sure who this 'Gloriana' was and immediately requested I dash off an e-mail to her Godmama, Paulette, to inquire why her name wasn't on the sampler, after all, who was more deserving of a sampler of many crowns than SHE.
      Paulette, being a sweetheart and a very indulgent Godmama, charted a very special sampler for Emma.
The Queen's Crowns - Plum Street Samplers
45 ct. Society Charm by Lakeside Linens
Hand-Dyed Soie Surfine
            Emma is thrilled with HER Sampler and hasn't missed a beat in gloating about her good fortune to Owen. 
       I told her that we might have to wait a bit before getting HER sampler framed. Emma, my little Drama Queen, would have none of that...
      Being the indulgent Mom that I am... Emma's Sampler went to the framers today. A beautiful Royal Golden frame has been chosen for this very special sampler.
      Don't be sad Owen... remember... Mom sings a very special song... just for you. 
      I think I'm going to have to ban Emma from sitting on my lap while I browse the blogs. Look what she saw last night... 

         Yes Emma.... I'll make you your own very special quilt.... and life goes on at Corgi Cottage.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Days Are Flying By...

      The days have been flying by so quickly and it has been a long time since I've posted a progress snap of AAWFAA. My only excuse is that the sun has finally decided to return to northeast Iowa. Emma, Owen and I have been going to the community prairie for long walks and we've been spending much more time outdoors soaking up all that wonderful sunshine. The snow is starting to melt... but we still have lots left.
      Here's my progress snap on AAWFAA.  I had to complete all of Eve before posting the snap... I felt it was disrespectful to post a snap of a headless Eve.

      This has been such a fun stitch. I need to do some more outlining this week and I should attempt to stitch a couple of those satin stitch letters. I don't want to leave the lettering for last... because I've been told that it's a real 'bear' to stitch.
      I also worked on my blue and white quilt and I think I have all of the blocks pieced now, with the exception of the four corner blocks.
     The next step is to lay out all the blocks and assemble the rows. I need Emma and Owen to cooperate in order to accomplish the layout of the quilt. It's so hard for them to resist the temptation to rearrange my layout.
      I completed the sewing and finishing of thirty more stockings for our troops. I've reached my goal of fifty stockings for 2010.
      I also started a new project. But Emma wants to tell you that story.....
     Her Royal Highness is napping right now. She'll get back to us when she's good and ready. 

      Wishing you all many happy hours of stitching and quilting.