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Saturday, July 9, 2011

All is Well in My Little Corner of Iowa

      Please excuse me for being such a poor blogger of late. All is well here at Corgi Cottage. Emma, Owen and I have been enjoying the Spring/Summer by spending more time outdoors, taking long walks in the prairie (when it's not too hot) and taking care of the gardens. 
      I have been stitching too. Without further ado... here is my progress on Jane Atkinson.
Jane Atkinson
The Scarlet Letter
Silkweaver - 36 ct. Sandcastle

      Jane has been a joy to stitch. But... after having just finished stitching the endless green leaves on the tree I'm ready to take a break from Jane. I haven't decided which sampler to start next, but Dorothy Walpole, Ann Grant and Mary Ann Gollins are all under consideration.
      I know I'm going to regret not having stuck to my plans of stitching at least one length of thread, each stitching session, on the over one verse. Allergies, resulting in itchy, watery eyes,  and lack of sunshine were part of the reason for avoiding the over one verse. I know I will pay for being a such a slacker.
      Several samplers have been framed which I'd like to share with you all.
First up is Ann A. Tarbox.
 Here's Frances Eden:
and Dorothy Ians...

   and Emma's favorite, Hannah Pepper:  

A special thank you goes out to Kim. I was the winner of her recent giveaway.
 Check out her blog post and the lovely quilt she made for her granddaughter with this fabric. Avery's Quilt I hope I can create something as beautiful as Avery's Quilt with my fabric win.
      I can't end this posting without a snap of Emma and Owen relaxing during the hazy, lazy, crazy days of Summer. Owen's favorite place to perch is on the back of the sofa.
Emma was totally exhausted after going on a long romp in the prairie.