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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Big Bird Finish

      I am thrilled to report that I have another finish for 2011. Here she is in all her glory.
 Ann A. Tarbox Sampler
Hillside Samplings
40 ct. R&R Abecedarian 
 NPI and AVAS 
I really enjoyed stitching the 'big bird' which is what drew me to this sampler.
But, fair warning, the bird is very stitch intensive and the chart has hand drawn symbols, which makes for a bit of strain on the eyes. It was well worth the effort though.
       Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave your much appreciated comments. It makes me sad when I'm unable to answer a question because the commenter is on no-reply and an e-mail address is not included with the comment. Please know that I would love to answer your questions, but sometimes I have no way of contacting you.
       I told Emma that I had a few of the readers ask if she and Owen were ok because there were no snaps of them in the last post. They are both doing fine, but are suffering from the 'winter blues' and are longing for Spring. We've had a few springlike days, but winter returns and I'm sure they'll be more snow before the end of March.
 Is it Spring yet???
      I'll be getting back to Helen Vertue now that Ann has been completed. Some of you asked if I would be willing to share my conversion for Helen. I'd be happy to share the conversion and am flattered that you've asked. I'll include the conversion in my next blog post.