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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Corgis on The Prairie

     There has been a small revolt here at Corgi Cottage this past week. Emma and Owen let me know that there has been way too many posts about stitching, quilting and my travels and not enough about the two most important members of Corgi Cottage.
     They want to invite you, dear readers, to accompany them on their daily morning outing to The Prairie.
    Owen will be our tour guide.  Look at that happy, smiling Corgi face.
I'm always lagging behind, admiring a flower or two. Owen keeps me in line.
 Emma enjoying a bit of a rest in the shade of the plants.
The Park/Rec guys mow these lovely paths throughout The Prairie.
We hope you've enjoyed the tour of our Prairie. With the exception of meal time and treats... The Prairie is the highlight of Emma's  and Owen's day.