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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Finish of 2011

      I put the final stitches in Frances Eden late Sunday afternoon.
 Handwork Samplers
The 1809 Frances Eden Sampler
36 ct. Picture This Plus Legacy linen

       Frances was started way back in January 2008, languished at the bottom of my WIP pile, received a few more stitches in October 2010, and finally was finished in January of 2011. She's going to make a lovely addition to the A&E Sampler Wall in my dinning room
     At the start of the New Year I rummaged through my WIPs and decided to focus my stitching attention on a few samplers with the hopes of getting them completed in 2011. Next up is Hannah Pepper.  Here's a very poor photo of Hannah, taken back in January 2008. She hasn't seen the light of day in two years. I'll be focusing on Hannah with the hopes of getting her finished soon.
Hannah Pepper
Historic Needlework Guild
Lakeside 40 ct. Vintage Light Exampler
Unfortunately most of the stitching that is left to be done is the over one verse and the line of over one motifs. I am so slow at stitching over one and I just hope I have the discipline to stick with Hannah and get her done. I think the time has come for Hannah to be completed. Wish me luck.