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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Gray and White Days of January

      Our January has been filled with lots of gray skies and snow. Our temps have not gotten above freezing and there has been very little snow melt. The bright side of gloomy weather is the ability to spend lots of time in the stitching chair. I got reacquainted with an old friend, Frances Eden, which I last worked on in October 2010. Here's a snap of Frances when I left her:
and here she is now.
 Handwork Samplers
The 1809 Frances Eden Sampler
36 ct. Picture This Plus Legacy linen
 I concentrated on the right side of the sampler and finishing up the sky. The lovely bright colors are a pleasure to work with during the long gloomy days of winter. I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. If I waited for a sunny day I wouldn't have a blog update until the Spring.
      Of course I had to put a few more stitches into Jane Atkinson too. I am in love with the colorful floral border on Jane. I'm making an effort to do at least one strand of the over one verse each time I work on Jane. I don't want to be faced with all that over one verse at the end. That has been my downfall with past samplers that lanquish in the WIP closet because I don't want to stitch the over one verse.
 Jane Atkinson
The Scarlet Letter
Silkweaver - 36 ct. Sandcastle
      My neighbor and friend, Karen, and her sweet Corgi, Cassidy, gave Emma and Owen new toys for Christmas. I'll leave you today with a snap of Emma and her new squeaker toy. She carries her present around with her like a toddler with a security blanket.