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Monday, February 11, 2013

I Couldn't Decide and a Giveaway

     I had a hard time deciding what to focus on when it came to my stitching since the beginning of the month. I was all over the place and I'll share with you what I've been working on.

I added almost one line of verse and the butterfly and bird on the berry bough.

Jane Atkinson - The Scarlet Letter

       It wasn't long before I grew bored with Jane A. and decided that what I really wanted to do was start a new sampler that featured a bird. It was a toss up between Sarah Harvey and Sarah Pain and Sarah Pain was the winner.

Sarah Pain - The Scarlet Letter
       Sarah P. is being stitched on a piece of 36 ct. mystery linen with both AVAS and NPI silks.

      Nicola, Stitching by a Cornish Sea Shore, invited me to participate in a relaxed SAL. A bunch of us will be stitching Manifesto by The Scarlet Letter. We are to designate one day a week for Manifesto and post our weekly progress photos on  Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year. Manifesto is a new release by Marsha and it will be a labor of love for us all. The sampler is 600 stitches wide by 381 stitches long. I started my piece this past week and am stitching it on 38 ct. cream Bellazia linen with an assortment of silks.

The Manifesto (photo  from The Scarlet Letter)
My Start.... I have a long way to go!
       I would like to devote my Sunday stitching time to needlework smalls. Yesterday I started Butternut Tavern by Stach Nash Primitives. It's being stitched on 40 ct. Lakeside  Pear with GAST as charted.

      I know my readers are anxious to see the last it's Finally a Finished Finish that will be part of my 100th Blog Post Giveaway. Here it is... a sweet needlecase. The Birds of a Feather was a kit I received from Brenda S., in February 2012, in a giveaway win package. I think it's wonderful that I'll be passing along my giveaway win to another lucky giveaway winner!

      In addition to the sweet needlecase the luck winner will also receive the following gifts:

      Yes, there is a box of Emma and Owen's favorite doggie treats... Wet Nose Pumpkin treats. Emma was feeling very sad when she realized that she tore the corner of the packaging of the Olde Colonial Designs tiny Christmas tree kit. She wanted to help me put together the package and bit down a bit too hard on the kit. Thankfully only the packaging and a tiny corner of the paper was damaged. She's hoping the lucky winner has a sweet pup (she really doesn't understand why the winner wouldn't have a pup) that will enjoy the pumpkin treats as much as she does. 
      In addition to the treats, the package will also include a Quality Chick T-shirt from the Decorah Hatchery, a leather embossed lined journal, bunny thread drops, Colonial Designs Christmas Tree and Thread Pallette kits, Ewe & Eye & Friends - Flower Scissor Companion kit with pink scissors and a Pick n'Thread.       
      The Giveaway is open to everyone, no matter where you may live, and the winner will be announced on Friday, February 15th, as part of  the weekly (this moment) post... which will be my 100th post. Leave a comment on this post only if you would like to participate in the Giveaway. You don't have to be a Follower... but it would be nice if you were! Good luck!