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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Sigh of Relief

    Two weeks ago my Owen had surgery to repair a ruptured ligament in his right hind leg. I thought Owen's recovery period would be difficult, time consuming and painful for my little guy. I had a room prepared with his crate, favorite blankets, water and quiet. Owen wanted none of it. All he really wanted was for life to get back to 'normal', they way it was prior to his injury and surgery. I took my cues from him and allowed him access to both the couch and the bed, under my supervision. Owen has far exceeded both my and his veternarian's expectations. His incision is healing well and he's been putting weight on his leg since the day he came home from the clinic. Here's a couple of photos of him relaxing, in a sunbeam, on the kitchen floor.

It's getting a bit chilly here in northeast Iowa. We've already had snow showers a couple of days. Now  we just need Owen's fur to grow in quickly to protect him from the frigid Iowa mornings.
      Owen wanted me to thank all of you who sent get well wishes, prayers and positive thoughts. He's looking forward to the Spring when he can run in the prairie again.
      Emma is ready for her brother to be all better too. She definitely feels she's been neglected and has made sure we've both been aware of her feelings. My little diva isn't happy unless 80% of my attention is focused on her and that's just not happening.
      Just look at this sad, dejected pup....

      I have managed to get a little stitching in along with my nursing duties.
There was one more Pineberry Lane Christmas design I wanted finish this year.
Merry Christmas Hanging Sampler
Pineberry Lane
40 ct Silkweaver Purely Primitive
Hand-Dyed Cotton

      This poor little stitchery almost met its doom before I even got to blog about it. I didn't realize the piece slid off the table. Owen found it, chewed on it a bit, and I found him sleeping with it clutched between his two front paws. The thread color bleed around the capital C and the sled. An overnight bath in cold water got rid of the bleeding.

      I think I'll be using some rusty jingle bells attached along the bottom of this hanging sampler. I'm slowly building up courage to  do some finishing. 

      I also worked a bit on ES. Here's my progress to date.
The ES Spot Motif Sampler
Of Female Worth
36 ct. Lakeside Linen
Hand-Dyed Cotton

      Thank you to all who have purchased the charts I have for sale. I continue to add to the current lists and add more designer pages of charts for sale. I took half of the proceeds to help with Owen's vet bills and the other half went to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund. I grew up in NJ and have fond memories of days spent at the Jersey Shore. My heart breaks for all those who have been affected by the storm. It will take years to rebuild but I have confidence that Chris Christie will get the job done.

      Until next time, happy stitching!