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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

     August has arrived and it brought the heat and humidity right along with it.What's a Corgi to do... I think Owen has found the solution to coping with the weather conditions..
       I spent some time at the sewing machine. I pieced all of the blocks for the BBD Country Charm quilt and have sewn the first six rows together.
 I have the remaining eight rows pieced but still have to sew the rows together. The BBD ladies finished the quilt off with a narrow ruffle. I plan to add some borders to the quilt top... but I haven't made any final decisions about the border treatment. 
     I also stitched up another French General BOM block... and then lost the finished block. You have to show the finished block to the quilt shop gal before you can pick-up the pattern and strips for the next block. In an effort to be 'green' I try not to take a shop bag. I only purchased a magazine and the new BOM, so I passed on the bag. I placed my finished block between the magazine, in a plastic wrapper, and the new BOM kit. Well... the block managed to slip-slide away without me realizing it. Thankfully I have enough leftover fabrics strips to make the block over again. 
     Since I was on a BBD stitching/quilting kick I decided to get my Anniversaries of the Heart sampler  out and add House #4 and #5 to the sampler.
 Blackbird Designs
Anniversaries of the Heart
Pink Manor
 The Pink Manor block took me the longest to stitch out of the first five Houses. Lots of color changes and lots going on in this house block. I think it can stand on its own and I don't have any plans to add a personalization to this block.
 Blackbird Designs
Anniversaries of the Heart
Farm House
The Farm House block was also the May house. Dad's birth month is May. This was the perfect block to personalize with my Dad's initials and year of birth in the rooftop of the house.
      I've returned to Country Life. I stitched a bit of the fill-in on the church today. I'll wait until my next post to share a progress snap.
     Ms. Cranky Pants, aka The Princess, just looked at the computer screen and saw her brother's snap being featured. Before she throws a Royal hissy fit I'll close this posting with a couple of snaps of our Emma.