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Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Am I Doing?

I thought the perfect project to work on during the Rose Bowl Parade was AAWFAA. I managed to get some of the outlining completed during the parade. Unfortunately... that's the only time the sampler was worked on this past week.

Ann Medd received the most attention. I was stitching along at a pretty good pace... until it came time to stitch the over one on 36 ct. linen. I didn't like the look of the tent stitch, so I bite the bullet and went for the completed cross stitch.
The satin stitch left and right hand borders are going to slow me down too... I'm not a big fan of the satin stitch. Please pardon the wrinkled linen... I don't want to press the sampler for each weekly progress update... I feel that it would be too much pressing and I'd risk flattening the stitches.
       This past Tuesday was our monthly quilt guild meeting. Diane brought my Civil War Tribute BOM to the meeting, saving me a drive to the shop. I couldn't wait to get home and read the detailed instructions and create my first set of blocks. This month we needed to make an 18" and a 12" block of the same pattern. We also received the lovely canvas tote bag as a gift for participating in the BOM.
It only took a couple of hours to press the fabric, cut the pieces, and stitch the blocks. I'm already looking forward to the next BOM. We will have to complete between 2 to 8 blocks per month.
      All I've managed to accomplish on the My Favorite Things BOM is reading the instructions. I'll try and have something to show you in the update post next week.
      I forgot all about the 'Buck a Block' quilt I'll be making in 2010. My local quilt shop, Pine Needles, runs the program. Each month we will receive the fabric to stitch one block for $1.00, plus the purchase of a package of Thangles. They had two choices and I chose this quilt:
French General
Emma and Owen are a bit miffed with me. They feel there has been way too many stitching and quilting snaps and not enough Emma and Owen snaps. So... to keep peace at Corgi Cottage I'll include this snap of E&O chilling out while I work on my projects.
Wishing you all a week filled with lots of stitching and quilting.