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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goals, What Goals?

     Well it didn't take me long at all to toss aside those stitching/quilting goals for 2010. If you were expecting update snaps of my BOM Quilts, AAWFAA and Ann Medd you can stop reading right now. Quaker Friday and Ann Trump came and went without a stitch. There was no work done on any of those projects since I last posted.
     What have I been doing for the past week or so.... why stitching my first two finishes of 2010.

Margaret Pence
The Goode Huswife
30 ct. R&R Iced Cappucino w/DMC

The Evil Serpent Samplar
Examplars from the Heart
36 ct. R&R Antique Cotton
     I also spent a great deal of time sorting through my overflowing chart collection and offering some of my gently used charts for sale.You can find the link to my sale album in the side bar  or Shop Here. I'll be adding more charts as time permits.
      Emma and Owen gave their 'paws of approval' on the  new sofa. I can barely get them off the sofa and out of the house for their 'walkies' these days. What a pair of couch potatoes.

Please excuse the yellow sheet and lovely green towels protecting the sofa arms. I'm trying to keep as much Corgi fur as possible off of the  sofa. I hope one of these days Owen will allow me to take a video of him going up his white 'doggy steps'. The sofa is higher then the previous one and Owen, not having the agility of his sister, needs the steps to gain access to that 'oh so comfortable' sofa. They have a hard life!