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Monday, May 31, 2010

Lazy Days

.....We've been taking things easy at Corgi Cottage this May. 
 The temps have been in the 90s... and the only thing this type of weather is good for is plenty of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ......
 The garden continues to put on a show with very little effort on my part....

      The sewing machine hasn't seen any action since my last post. When the temps rise thoughts of sitting in the sewing room, with the lights blazing, the iron on and dealing with all that fabric.... well it holds no appeal. So my BOMs have come to a screeching halt. 
     I completed the outlining on And All Was For An Appil and started the endless fill-in stitching. This is what the sampler looked like when I last posted.
 Catherine posted the following comment to my last post:

"I am still chuckling at the outlining as it looks like Eve has just sucked the life out of Adam!!"

Your comment left me laughing Catherine and in your honor I've decided to wait until the last before doing the fill-in on Adam.
I've spent some time this morning decorating the Cottage in honor of Memorial Day.

I hope you've had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Emma and Owen wanted me to remind all our faithful readers to take time to relax and catch up on your ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...............

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It Finally Stopped Raining

     It was a dreary, wet week in my little corner of Iowa. I think Emma's expression says it all...
 The sun finally put in an appearance on Friday. We celebrated with an extended run in the prairie and none of us needed toweling off when we got home. 
     My garden didn't seem to suffer from an overabundance of rain and has been putting on quite a show. 

       I was able to spend lots of time at the sewing machine or in the stitching chair  because of all the rain. I added House #3 to the Anniversaries of the Heart Sampler. I counted several times to make sure I left the correct amount of spaces for the Bonus chart. I was relieved that the top and the bottom of House #3 matched up with the tops and bottoms of the previous two Houses.
I didn't add the verse or any personalization. I haven't decided  how I want to personalize the sampler and will probably wait until I've stitched all the Houses and Bonus charts before making a final decision.
      The Bernina was humming this past week. I pieced the block for the French General BOM and the blocks for the My Favorite Things BOM. I only made six blocks and need to make another two for MFT.
        Blog reading can be a dangerous pass time. When I visited Kim's and Deb's blog I saw that they were both members of the BOM for the  Farmer's Wife quilt. It didn't take long for me the e-mail Deb asking her for the details. The next thing I knew I had joined another BOM. I'll also be working on The Farmer's Wife Block of the Month quilt top. We also dragged Margaret into the FW craze... but so far she's resisted making even one block. Come on Margaret... what are you waiting for???
I've stitched the first two month's worth of blocks, for a total of thirteen blocks. I'm looking forward to receiving my next package of fat eighths of fabric and to learn which blocks we'll be stitching for the 3rd month.
      And look what I dug out from under the pile of stitching stuff.... And All Was for an Appil. I decided to complete all of the remaining outlining before doing the fill in stitching. I'm hoping I have enough skeins of CC Blackbird to get the job done. 
       Owen and I want to wish you all a week filled with sunshine and whatever makes you smile.

Monday, May 3, 2010


      Hannah Lancaster has been calling my name, loudly, and it was time to put needle and silk to linen and start the 'big girl' sampler. Hannah is being stitched on 40 ct. Days Gone By linen. I converted the DMC to Belle Soie silks.
       I've been spending more time in the gardens and on my sun porch then I have in my stitching chair or at the sewing machine these past few weeks. Spring has been sunny and mild here in my little corner of Iowa. This is not the norm... so I don't want to miss a single day of enjoying this lovely spring weather and spending my days outside. Emma and Owen are enjoying long walks in the prairie and have finely learned how much fun it can be to 'play nice' with the other dogs who share the prairie with us.
     I'll close my brief post with some snaps from my gardens.

      My heart goes out to all my stitching and quilting friends who have been effected by the recent flooding in Tennessee and the oil spill in the Gulf Coast region.
     Thanks for stopping by for a visit and taking the time out of your busy days to leave a much appreciated comment