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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Days Are Flying By...

      The days have been flying by so quickly and it has been a long time since I've posted a progress snap of AAWFAA. My only excuse is that the sun has finally decided to return to northeast Iowa. Emma, Owen and I have been going to the community prairie for long walks and we've been spending much more time outdoors soaking up all that wonderful sunshine. The snow is starting to melt... but we still have lots left.
      Here's my progress snap on AAWFAA.  I had to complete all of Eve before posting the snap... I felt it was disrespectful to post a snap of a headless Eve.

      This has been such a fun stitch. I need to do some more outlining this week and I should attempt to stitch a couple of those satin stitch letters. I don't want to leave the lettering for last... because I've been told that it's a real 'bear' to stitch.
      I also worked on my blue and white quilt and I think I have all of the blocks pieced now, with the exception of the four corner blocks.
     The next step is to lay out all the blocks and assemble the rows. I need Emma and Owen to cooperate in order to accomplish the layout of the quilt. It's so hard for them to resist the temptation to rearrange my layout.
      I completed the sewing and finishing of thirty more stockings for our troops. I've reached my goal of fifty stockings for 2010.
      I also started a new project. But Emma wants to tell you that story.....
     Her Royal Highness is napping right now. She'll get back to us when she's good and ready. 

      Wishing you all many happy hours of stitching and quilting.