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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not Forgotten Sampler

     I could not wait to start the Chessie & Me - Not Forgotten Sampler. I love experimenting with new fibers. Country Sampler had the model on display and it caught my eye. They also had a Simply Wool floss pack and the Vintage Autumn Gold linen for the design in stock. It was just meant to be!
     The Simply Wool fiber is a delight to stitch with and my hope is that more designers will use the wool fibers for some of their designs.
Not Forgotten Sampler
Chessie & Me
32 ct Lakeside Vintage Autumn Gold linen
Gentle Arts - Simply Wool
     We've been having lots of rainy, humid weather, which translates into lots of time in the stitching chair, with the a/c turned on. I was rummaging through the WIP closet and discovered an old friend. 
     Here's where I was when I took Frances out of the closet:
Notice the date stamp on the bottom of the photo... yes she's been buried in the WIP closet for over two years. I think some of you may be able to relate to this situation. Am I right?
     Here's  Frances in all her glory today:
HandWork Samplers
The 1809 Frances Eden Sampler
36 ct. Picture This Plus Legacy linen
      Are you wondering if I've cast AAWFAA aside.... fear not my faithful readers... time was given to my A&E sampler too.
I just need to get into my satin stitch zone and I'll have the verse stitched and you can celebrate a big 'fini' with me.
      Emma and Owen have been feeling a bit slighted lately and aren't happy with blog posts where they are not featured... so I better close this post with a snap of the 'kids'.    

       Have a great week everyone!