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Monday, January 18, 2010

Springtime in Iowa...

     Finally the temps got out of the single digits, the sun came out briefly on Thursday and we've had just the slightest bit of snow melt when it reached 34 the other day. Break out the shorts, T-shirts and flip flops... it's springtime in Iowa!
     It was a treat working on AAWFAA this week. A very 'easy on the eyes' stitch because I'm working the sampler on 30 ct. linen. 
I was planning on stitching all of the outline, but the sweet little caterpillar just begged to be stitched. One thing lead to another and I just needed to add a bit of red to brighten my day.   
     AAWFAA was put away on Thursday night and out came Ann Trump. A few of my stitching sisters decided to designate Fridays as Quaker Fridays. Several are stitching Ann Grimshaw, but I had already stitched AG. After much dithering about, Katrina helped me decide that I should work on Ann Trump. Thanks Katrina, I really enjoyed my Quaker Friday.  Here's a snap of Ann when I found her in my WIP closet.
and here's Ann after my Friday stitching session. I finished the light medallion in the lower center and completed the pink center medallion with initials. Not bad for a days work! 
The top snap is a more accurate representation of the linen color. It's been difficult getting good snaps with all the cloudy, dreary skies we've been blessed with in 2010.
      On Thursday afternoon I went on a Quilt Shop Hop to three shops within 40 miles of home. One of the shops I visited, Forest Mills, is the shop running the Civil War Tribute BOM. I was able to pick-up the packages for February and March. I also added some blues for my blue/white quilt a current work-in-progress. I picked up some pinks and browns for a future quilt I'm planning. I'd love to do a Chocolate and Pink quilt.
     I did a bit of quilt piecing too this past week. Here's a snap of the first BOM of the French General quilt top. This is the first time I've used Thangles. It made for a very accurate half square triangle, but I think it would drive me batty having to remove the paper from a whole quilts worth of blocks.
I pieced more blocks for a blue and white quilt too. The pinky brown is my accent fabric. I'm challenging myself a bit with this quilt top. I'm using the pattern for the blocks, but choosing different colorways and placement of the colors... so I need to pay attention to what I'm doing.
       When you wake up to this sweet Corgi smile each morning, how can you help but have a good day. Owen wants to send Margaret Corgi kisses for  saying he's handsome!