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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Delayed

Our family Christmas celebration was postponed until today due to the major snow/sleet/ice/rain storm that hit our area and lasted for four, very long, days.

That didn't stop Emma and Owen from enjoying their Christmas morning.

Emma needed no help... she got her Nylabone out of the packaging faster than I was able to open Owen's.

Owen just checking to make sure that there were no more presents to be opened. The wrapping paper and ribbons were big hits too!

The family gathered at my brother's cabin to celebrate Christmas today.

My brother Dave and his lovely wife Candace.

My niece Carrie and her husband Jason.

Carrie, Jason and their sons, Eli and Lucas.

My niece Alison and her husband Steve.

Alison, Steve and their daughters, Isabelle and Morgan.

My Mom, Dorothy.

Do you think Alison and Steve like their new snow shoes?


Thanks for another wonderful family Christmas at Pine Lodge!

I put the finishing stitches into my final piece for 2009. I wanted to stitch something festive, but not necessarily Christmas.

The Good Huswife
36 ct. R&R Antique Cotton
NPI & Belle Soie

Until next time... when I'll share my stitching plans for 2010.