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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Winner Is???

Congratulations to Pam R for winning the What in the World is Laurie Quilting Now??? contest. Thanks to everyone for leaving such creative comments. Emma and I especially enjoyed the comments about  all those circles. A few of her favorties:
  • CORGIS SOAR - stitched circles filled with helium
  • Corgi pillows - a girl can never have too many pillows
  • Margaret's suggestion of a beret was very appealing for those days she's feeling very French!
  • The one that created the most laughter, from both Emma and I, was Pat -WI and the 'pasties' comment. I don't think tassels would survive long in this house. lol
It's still raining in my little corner of Iowa.... but all your humorous comments have brought that beautiful Corgi smile back to my Sweet Pea's face. She also wants Santa to bring her a crown, like the Queen's Corgi.

Pam R... the package will be on the way to North Dakota soon.

Edited to add: If you'd like to know what will happen to all those circles and the 9 patch blocks.... well, my faithful readers.... you'll just have to check back for those project update posts! :-)